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NOVIDIC Terms of Service For Visitor

General Agreement
The below terms are effective July 10, 2020.

Welcome to NOVIDIC!

Thanks for using our Products and services.


In this agreement, "Universal Apps Pty Ltd.", "Universal Apps" "We" or "Us" and "Our Company" refer to the company incorporated in Australia as Universal Apps Pty Ltd. located at 54-111 Eagle St. Brisbane, 4000, QLD Australia or its subsidiaries, affiliates, suppliers, partners or agents world widely.

In this agreement "Business", "Place " ,"Venue" refer to any location where you may enter or visit as customer, shopper, guest, client, patient, passenger, patron, member or visitor.

In this agreement "You", "Your", "Visitor" refers to any person who enters or visits a "place" for any purpose including and not limited to shopping, buying, selling, dining or drinking, entertaining , receiving services , using facilities, working or even entering by mistake.

In this agreement "authorized agency " refers to local governmental agency that is responsible for pandemic tracking and management in your region.

In this agreement, "NOVIDIC" refers only to the platform accessible at website in the following

URL(s): or and all subdomains.

In this agreement " System " refers to NOVIDIC web platform , NOVIDIC App and all third- party integration technically between the platform , app and the "place" such as the networks ( Internet, 3G, 4G LTE, SMS gateways, Payment gateways and etc.)

In this agreement, "NOVIDIC App" refers only to the mobile application named NOVIDIC available in Apple Store and Google Play.

In this agreement, "Product(s)" and or "Service(s)" refer to visitor registration and management services offered in NOVIDIC platform or NOVIDIC app (on cloud) to the "place(s)" and its " visitor(s) ".

In this agreement, " visit " refers to the event of entering , staying and leaving a place by a visitor.

In this agreement " QR code " refers to Quick Response code readable by mobile phones or especial scanners generated by NOVIDIC system.

In this agreement, "account" refers to your account with NOVIDIC platform associated with your mobile number.

In this agreement, by accepting the terms on our products or services, you shall accept and acknowledge all our third parties suppliers' and service providers' terms and conditions and privacy policy agreements involved in our services delivery including but not limited to Payment gateways and processors, Credit card companies, SMS gateways, internet service providers, CDN networks, telecommunication service providers , mobile gateways and mobile networks.

By using our Products or Services, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. Please read them carefully.

Using our Services

You must follow any policies made available to you within the Products or Services. Depending on our policy, the services available to you might change time to time or vary based on the type of your account with NOVIDIC. Some services might not be available in some regions or countries due to technical problems (such as limitation in mobile phone or internet network support) or legal restrictions (such as UN, US, EU sanctions ) or restrictions or especial requirements by local governments on international services. services (such as Apple and Google on publishing COVID-19 related apps)

Don't misuse our Products or Services. For example, don't interfere with our Services or try to access them using a method other than the interface and the instructions that we provide. You may use our Products or Services only as permitted by law and for the purposes the service is designed for.

Using our Products or Services does not give you ownership of any intellectual property rights in our Products or Services or the content you access. You may not use content from our Products or Services unless you obtain permission from its owner or are otherwise permitted by law. These terms do not grant you the right to use any branding or logos used in our Products or Services unless we clearly give our consent. Don't remove, obscure, or alter any legal notices displayed in or along with our Products or Services.

In connection with your use of the Products or Services, we may send you service announcements, administrative messages, and other information. You may opt out of some of those communications.

Your NOVIDIC Account

You need an account with NOVIDIC in order to use our Services. You shall create your own NOVIDIC Account. We acknowledge the owner of the mobile number which the account is registered with as the owner of the account and he/she shall be responsible solely for the account. We assume that the email address (if any) and mobile number owners are the same person and access to the email inbox, and reading the SMS sent to the mobile number, is granted , available and possible for you. Nevertheless, we may not verify the Email address always.

To protect your NOVIDIC account, keep your mobile phone as very private and confidential device. You are responsible for the activity related to your mobile number in the system.

Service agreement

A: By creating an account in NOVIDIC, you shall agree on the followings:

  1. You shall confirm that you are at least 16 years old and legally capable of forming binding contracts.
  2. You shall declare your age-gender group correctly in your account.
  3. You shall not use third parties information or impersonate or identify yourself as third parties.
  4. You shall not use our Products or Services for any purpose other than what is permitted by local law and what is granted to you by us.
  5. You shall agree that you have no objection to receive Emails or SMS or app-web notification from us regardless of its purpose or contents or context.
  6. You shall agree and confirm that the email address(if any) , mobile number you use to register your account with us belongs to you only and you have full access and control on them at any time.
  7. You shall agree and authorize us to disclose your contact or account details including your visit records for last 56 days (visit history) related to the places where you used NOVIDIC , to your local authorized agencies.
  8. You shall authorize us or our agents, partners affiliates or authorized agencies to keep and analyse your records for last 56 days in the system to track COVID-19 spread pattern.
  9. You shall agree to contact authorized agencies or seek healthcare services should you get notified by the system that you might be at risk.
  10. You shall have consent to be red flagged by authorized agencies in the system or under their request should they conclude that you are a potential COVID-19 case and a risk towards others.

B: By using NOVIDIC in a place:

  1. You shall acknowledge that running the app or web browser and using our service requires reliable Internet and this is your responsibility to get such a service from mobile and telecommunication companies or use a trusted Wi-Fi at your discretion.
  2. You shall acknowledge that to use our system, you will need an Android or iOs device equipped with camera and scanner app , a web browser OR having NOVIDIC app installed and at least 3G network access.
  3. You shall agree to SCAN the QR codes presented to you at the places you visit , estimate your staying time , enter your body temperature accurately (if required by law) and tap EXIT on system interface once you leave the place.
  4. You shall agree that this is up to the place you visit to let you in should they conclude that you have fever or their capacity is full or any other reason up to their discretion.
  5. You shall agree not to enter a place if the place is red flagged and the system displays " Do Not enter " upon scanning the QR code.
  6. You shall agree not to enter a place if you are rejected by the system upon scanning the QR code
  7. You shall leave the place if your time is over.
  8. You shall agree not to submit dummy visits to a place using an image of a QR code

C: Indemnity:

  1. You shall agree and acknowledge that NOVIDIC is just an online management system on cloud, to ease and enhance the visit registration during COVID -19 outbreak. We have not any role or control on the quality of the services or quality of the goods and products offered to you by the places using our system.
  2. We do not undertake any responsibility on quality of meals or the services you receive in a restaurant, bar or cafe, hotel or your overall experience with the place.
  3. You shall agree that according to law, a place reserves the right to deny your entry.
  4. We shall not undertake any responsibility in case of any financial damage or damage to your or your family result of products or services you have received in a place ( e.g. over charged ) or result of the consuming the foods or beverages or tobacco (e.g. food poisoning ) sold by the place.
  5. We shall not be liable for any damages or harm result of your negligence to tap exit a place in the system upon your leaving which will make an authorized agency presuming you were at a place at a particular time where you technically were not there. It might put you in red flag list by them and more consequences subject to the local government policy.
  6. You shall authorize us to suspend your account at any time in case of any suspicious activity is found or any abuse from the system is reported.
  7. By accepting this terms and conditions, you agree that you have no objection on receiving emails or SMS or app-web notifications.
  8. You shall agree to let us install cookies on your browser to remember your mobile number for next logging on.
  9. You shall agree and acknowledge that Universal Apps Pty Ltd is authorized to stop service, cancel, suspend account, block access or delete your account should you fail or disregard terms mentioned above which shall be recognized as breach of the agreement.
  10. If you choose to delete your account , you shall agree that we remove your profile including your contact number from the system but keep the visit history under an anonymous visitor to keep our data base integrated.
  11. You shall agree that by deleting your account, you will not receive any SMS or notification which might carry vital information about your health.
  12. You shall not be able to delete your account as long as you are tagged as red flagged by an authorised agency

D: Our Warranty and limited liability

  1. Except for any express warranties set out in these terms and any term implied by law (that cannot be excluded) and Your rights under statutory guarantees provided under the consumer protection laws of Australia, We provide no warranties or guarantees to You (including in relation to the performance of NOVIDIC).
  2. While We use due care and skill in relation to the provision of NOVIDIC, neither We nor Our related bodies corporate warrant or guarantee that NOVIDIC will be continuously available, free from errors or bugs or omissions or provided to You within a particular time and quality. If We fail to comply with a statutory guarantee (if it applies) or any term of this agreement, then We limit Our liability for that failure (where it is fair and reasonable to do so in respect of a statutory guarantee) to supplying NOVIDIC again to You.
  3. We are not liable for any loss to the extent that it was caused by You (for example, through Your negligence or breach of contract). You are not liable for any loss to the extent it was caused by Us.
  4. We cannot guarantee security of the system if you use it on an altered device or an entrusted mobile device. An entrusted device is a device which has unauthorized operating system ( e.g jail broken ) not recognized by its manufacturer or has not the latest updates recommended by the manufacturer or a device which has been compromised by hackers already. Also, we cannot guarantee the security of the app should you connect your device to an entrusted Wi-Fi network.
  5. We bear no responsibility on any lost or damage result of any problem in delivering our services to you or to the place you are visiting due to the internet connection interruption.
  6. We reserve the right to upgrade or downgrade, stop or change our services delivered to you without prior notice.
  7. We may terminate all our service without any prior notice to you.
  8. Our app may not be available in your country.
  9. Our web service might not be available in your country or a country you travel to.
  10. Our SMS gateway might not support your carrier.
  11. We do not guarantee that SMS sent from NOVIDIC will be 100% delivered to you. There are chances that an SMS is lost and never delivered regardless of your mobile carrier.
  12. These terms and conditions are governed by the laws in force in the State of Queensland, Australia.
  13. This agreement is digitally signed and deemed accepted by you upon selecting the check box when ordering our services.