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This system has been designed for health care agencies as in a national-wide system or Universities, airports or hotel managements as in a domestic level system to monitor and track suspicious COVID-19 cases easily in real time with minimum privacy infringement. The system relies on GEO-QR code self-scanning in particular locations where people may visit such as a restaurant, a hypermarket or a church, a particular place in a hotel and on a bigger scale; in an airport terminal or a sport stadium. Should the system be implemented for a domestic community such as a university campus, then it provides very accurate data on students’ interactions while in the campus.

People are not required to download and install any app. The system works on web browsers and uses default smart phone scanners. However, the App is available as an option only for abetter user experience.

NOVIDIC uses “ visit” algorithm rather than “ contact” algorithm and does NOT track people by GPS or by device proximity using Blue-tooth or microphone which trigger a lot of privacy concerns. However, it provides very accurate data on visiting the high risk places and enables health care agencies to gather useful information on a case quickly based on " visit history ".

It makes it easy to look up and contact whoever might have been at the same place at the same time just by analyzing visit records. The system enables agencies or place managements to immediately refuse people from entering a particular place in real time, send notifications on three levels to all of those who might have encountered a COVID-19 positive case directly or indirectly or retrieve contact details and visit history for each person by a few clicks.

In a national-wide implementation each business (place) will register a simple account with NOVIDIC portal (managed by the government) and display a QRcode at their entrance or exit. People have to scan the QR code by the NOVIDIC related app or normal mobile scanner (web) to click in and click out from the place.

If it is used for a local community such as in a hotel or in a university campus, then the community management shall act as an authorized agency and every section of that community shall be considered a “place”. Each place (e.g.: building, room, hall, pool, sport facility...) should register an account with the system and display the related QR code at the entrances for the members of the community to scan and tag their visits.

NOVIDIC has the option to red flag a place immediately so that people do not enter the place as long as it is not safe to do so. The system also monitors allowed capacity of visitors for the place in real time.

NOVIDIC is technically useful for colleges and universities, hotels, training campuses, F&B businesses, hypermarkets, cinemas, religious gatherings, cruise ships, airport terminals, libraries, sport stadiums and etc.


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